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Altus-Escon-Company B.V. (Altesco), located in Nieuw Vennep, Netherlands, is an independent Dutch manufacturer of diagnostic automotive testing equipment. Altesco is strategically located between Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and the port of Rotterdam.

Altesco was founded as Analogic Engineering in 1989. Its president already has been responsible for introducing the plate brake tester in Europe in the early eighties. This experience of 10 years in the automotive equipment industry resulted in a company which specialised in the early nineties in suspension testing equipment. Later Altesco expanded its business into more complex test lanes for passenger cars and heavy vehicles as well as equipment for stand alone testing purposes for passenger cars, motor-cycles, caravans and trailers.

In 1996, Analogic Engineering acquired Escon International, which had specialised in play detectors. From then on the company was called Altus-Escon-Company B.V. (Altesco).

In July 2000, Altesco acquired Comar. Comar was established in 1985 in The Netherlands as a plate brake tester specialist. Over the years Comar expanded the product line and became a well-known manufacturer of garage equipment.

In its relatively short period of existence, Altesco established a global distributor network. All our dedicated distributors have highly trained technicians and sales staffs, offering the individual customer the best possible support. Naturally, with the assistance and back up of the Altesco sales- and service department.

Although we see distributors in the global market place as our most important target group, we do not neglect the message from the end-users (garages). We will do our utmost to pass on these requests to a distributor in our world-wide network.

Altesco is very concerned with quality and is officially certified ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015. If you are interested in the quality and environmental policy, you can request this by sending a request to Although Altesco subcontracts most of its manufacturing, the Altesco staff always performs the final inspection and testing of all equipment.

Due to this mentioned subcontracting, we created unlimited expansion possibilities to meet any growing production needs in various markets. Most of our equipment is held in stock for prompt delivery. If not in stock, delivery times are always kept to a minimum.

All products are designed according to the latest technology and developed by Altesco. All software for operating the equipment is developed and programmed in-house. This makes us flexible in changing our products to the required demands; we do not depend on external software- and design companies. Equally important is the service and support to our distributors as well as our ability to fulfil the customer’s need for special products. With Altesco equipment, you can create a strong relationship with your customers and boost your profits.

In order to be able to compete in the dynamic world of automotive equipment, the Altesco organisation has identified several divisions, which all have a direct link in the day to day activities. Therefore, no time is lost in fulfilling the rapidly changing demand in the market.

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