SP30 Digital Display Speedometer

The Escon SP30 is the modern stand alone digital display for the Escon speedometer SP2002. It comprises the latest microprocessor controlled technology. Standard supplied with wall bracket and infra red remote conrol hand set.

Up to five measurements points can be entered in the system.
Real time measured speed as well as the difference between the entered speed and the measured speed is clearly presented on the LED display.

In combination with SP2002 SPEEDOMETER

Matrix printer

Dimensions: 635 x 465x 165 mm


SP30 Digital Display

SP2002 Speedometer

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- Cars
- Commercial vehicles
- Caravans & Trailers

Product Groups
- Consoles for roller testers
- Pedal force meters
- Plate brake testers
- Play detectors
- Roller brake testers
- Roller tester add-ons
- Sideslip meters
- Speedometers
- Suspension testers

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