Escon Automotive Test Equipment

Altesco sells its products under the brand name Escon.

Escon equipment:

  • For Inspections!
  • For repairs!
  • As a sales tool!
  • Easy to operate!
  • Easy to understand!
  • Ready for the future!
  • Designed to be profitable!
  • Fast, reliable and convincing!
  • Modern design and technology!
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed!
  • Options supplied as standard!
  • For all types of vehicles!
  • For all types of customers!
  • For all market situations!

All products are designed and developed by Altesco. All software for operating the equipment is developed and programmed in-house. All Altesco products are designed according to the latest technology. Equally important is the service and support to our distributors as well as our ability to fulfil the customer’s need for special products. See our company profile for further details regarding the history of Altesco.

Drachmeweg 26
2153PA Nieuw Vennep
The Netherlands

+31(0)88-258 37 00
+31(0)88-258 37 90

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- Cars
- Commercial vehicles
- Caravans & Trailers

Product Groups
- Consoles for roller testers
- Pedal force meters
- Plate brake testers
- Play detectors
- Roller brake testers
- Roller tester add-ons
- Sideslip meters
- Speedometers
- Suspension testers

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